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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seaweed Cultivation Investment

Phase II is now launched!

DMF To Support the Ministry of Fishery Department in :

  • Forming Malaysia Seaweed Association. DMF will register as the 1st member

  • Educating seaweed planters in farming technique

  • Providing good seedlings for farmers & seaweed industry

  • Eradicating poverty in Semporna by creating job opportunity for the locals

  • Buying all local farmers harvest during price fluctuation

  • Assisting the Government in realizing the 9th MP goal in aquaculture

  • Exploring & developing more high tech & value added seaweed base products

  • Be Part Of A Mega Aquaculture Project That Will Become The Next High Profile Commodity

  • Seaweed cultivation is one of Malaysia's fastest growing sectors and is strongly supported by the government.

  • In the 9th Malaysian's Development Plan, Sabah was mandated by the government to produce 250,000 metric ton seaweeds yearly by 2010. Currently, the state managed to produce 40,000 to 50,000 metric ton yearly only.

  • The founder of this project, Dato' Seri Dr Chong had been appointed as the Director of Yayasan Bakti Khidmat Masyarakat Malaysia (YBKMM) in Sabah and recently won the Asia Promising Entrepreneur Award (APEA) 2009. His appointment in YBKMM has earned the support from the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia to diversify in seaweed cultivation, more so in the state of Sabah.

  • The international market is short of supply due to only up to 30% being produced for the world market. So far, South Korea, Mexico, Philippines, China and Japan are countries producing quality seaweed being ranked 15-30 pts for world market while seaweed produced in Sabah is ranked 30-45 pts.

  • Numerous annual production cycle. From planting till harvesting will take 45 to 60 days only. Thus volume will be substantial.

  • The technical director of this project is the chairman of Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Semporna for 17 years and an expert in seaweed cultivation. He's also an advisor to many agricultural institute in Malaysia. Experienced and a researcher in seaweed farming with conventional methods to modern technologies.

  • The managing director of this project is a Chartered Institute of Management (CIMA) and MBA degree holder. Has over 20 years in finance, accounts, human resource, administration and operation. Actively involved in seaweed cultivation and research work since 2002.

  • Collaboration with Sirim Bhd to provide the latest drying technique of seaweed to increase production during rainy seasons and UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) to research seaweed for their potential usage as it contains high nutritional values.

  • We will be investing per lot of USD6,000 with certificate of guarantee. Each lot will be getting annual guarantee buy back value for 5 consecutive years. This project is abide by a legal agreement and a RM30mil insurance by Lloyd's syndicate.

  • 1st year buy back = USD1,225

    2nd year buy back = USD1,960

    3rd year buy back = USD2,695

    4th year buy back = USD2,695

    5th year maturity buy back bonus = USD6,125

    Total return for 5 years = USD14,700
    Phase I SOLD OUT!

  • The objective of this project is to take advantage of the high demand of seaweed industry. It also helps to improve the ecological environment of coastal waters & bring employment opportunities to coastal dwellers.

  • It's a business ownership project. Once we've invested, we can build a network of investors and generate additional income as in Referral System & Lifetime Royalty bonus for future projects being introduced.

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